Can't type after switching to Revision Mode - "None"

When I switch back from Revision Mode to Revision Mode - None, for a short period of time, when I try to type – even when I type where I had just been typing in Revision Mode – nothing happens except the small Mac error sound that it makes when you try to do something that it doesn’t allow. It usually resolves itself after a little while – less than a minute – but I’d like to know how to prevent it from happening altogether. Thanks!

I can’t think of any reasons for that to happen off of the top of my head, nor any conjecture on what is even happening based on your description. This command just sets the typing colour as you probably know, and “none” turns that capacity off. I’d be curious to know what you mean by it taking a measurable number of seconds to return keyboard control to you. What are you trying to do as well during that period of time, is the rest of the program responsive? can you type into other fields like an index card or a title? Can you issue keyboard shortcuts? Is the focus for certain in the editor (cursor blinking) or if you hit tab a few times does it become apparent that it’s off somewhere else? Anything else you can think of that might be helpful.