Can't unstuck different margins for edit windows

I did something more than a year ago that did something to the edit screen margins. Using the mode for single edit window, I have large margins, as if I’m actually seeing a printed page. Selecting double edit windows, the right is still in this mode, but the text in the left window uses the whole edit window. It’s quite strenuous to compare texts when they do not follow the same layout.

I have read about margins in the manual, but none of the possibilities presented works.

How can I change the margins to present in the same way? At this point I’m happy to be able to get any end result, as long as the layout is the same in both windows.

This is perhaps a confusion of terminology, since Scrivener does not deal in margins (at least in the literal sense of the word) anywhere in its text editor views. “0” on the ruler is what would be, in most tools that do deal in margins, “1” or “2.5” when printed. So that would at least explain why the manual isn’t saying much about margins in a way that would resolve this. (There is a text editor margin setting in the Appearance: Main Editor:Options preference tab, but this sets the amount of padding you can see around the text and the border of the frame, on the left side, and is a purely visual setting rather than print based.)

What you are looking for is in §16.2, Page View, of the user manual. You will find the menu command that toggles this view on and off mentioned in the opening paragraph.

Thank you!!!

Turned out that I had selected another paper size in the File > Page Setup. Going there I remembered my rationale for doing it in the first place, but it was so long ago I had forgotten.

My problems in finding my way through Scrivener are, I guess, twofold. I use Swedish in the app. Sometimes it’s necessary to change the locale to English in order to understand the manual, but then I’m still confused as I have used and gotten used to the Swedish version so I don’t “see” the menus, but have to read them and kind of learn again. This is probably also exacerbated by my aspie side. I have a keen view for detail, but not so much for groupings and overviews. The manual is structured in a way I don’t really grasp.