Can't we save / load the Toolbar Settings?

Looking for a way to transfer the Scrivener toolbar settings from one installation to another. Exporting / importing preferences ignores these settings. Am I missing something, or is this really not implemented? (Latest Scrivener macOS Version)

The toolbar itself, and its configuration, is a piece of macOS technology. How it is stored and loaded is entirely dictated by the system, rather than something that can be safely decoded and coded into a separate file (at least in a long-term sense, as Apple may change how it is saved from one year to the next).

You could transplant the ~/Library/Preferences/com.literatureandlatte.scrivener3.plist file from one computer to another, of course, with Scrivener closed. That’s probably the best way, as the structure used to define the toolbar configuration looks a bit complex, and may not be something you could write and read out individually, via the defaults command-line tool.

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That sounded promising, but…
I luckily found that file (~/Library/Preferences/com.literatureandlatte.scrivener3.plist) on my old macbook pro and copied it to the same spot on my mac mini with scrivener freshly installed. I was a bit sceptical because here there was no such file to be found. And the new scrivener on the mac mini shows no interest in that copied plist : ( , also not, if i change the toolbar.
Cant find any other spot on my computer, where that would be saved…
Do you have an idea?

Unless Apple has changed things since macOS 13 (and you’re on 14), it really should be in that file. I can observe changes to the .plist by modifying the toolbar and closing Scrivener. Some things to be aware of though:

  1. If you use the App Store version your settings aren’t in the normal folder. Use the command in the main Scrivener menu to “Reveal Support Folder in Finder”. Navigate up from that Finder window to locate the hidden Library folder Scrivener uses, and try putting the file into the Preferences folder, there.
  2. Whether the above is applicable or not, Apple’s preferences system is faulty and sometimes disregards .plist modifications entirely. Sometimes, if changes don’t take, you have to put the .plist in place, and then reboot like it is 1996. (Well, there is another way, if you’re handy with the command line, use killall -u $USER cfprefsd, which force restarts the preferences infrastructure and causes it to flush its cache, meaning it will need to read the .plist the next time you launch Scrivener.)
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Yes!! That did the trick (Step 1 and 2)!
:v: One more victory over time and the machine.
Thank you very much.

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