Capital 'i' bug?

Auto-capitalise i not working for dialogue attribution.
sample sentence… “So it just came out in conversation, did it?” i said.
Maybe i’ve made some basic punctuation error?



Yes, there does seem to be a minor bug here. The reason this is happening is that in this situation, coming after punctuation, the capitalise-first-letter code is checking this and choosing not to capitalise, because in many situations you wouldn’t want capitalisation after dialogue attribution, for instance:

“Hello?” he said.

And then, in this situation, after the capitalise-first-letter code decides not to capitalise, it’s not falling through to the capitalise-I checking code as it should do. I’ve just fixed this for 2.0.1. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

All the best,

Thanks KB

It was hard to imagine what could be improved for 2.0 but you’ve only gone and done it. I love 2.0 so much that it’s distracting me from working… mmm ooh what’s this? etc.

Thank you

Steven Rayner

Thanks for the kind words! Although if it’s distracting you from working then I’ve done something wrong. :slight_smile:
All the best,