Capitalization formatting in a style preset

Hi there. I’m testing Scrivener and trying to find excuses not to buy it :slight_smile: I’m quickly running out of them.

I have a question about style presets. On many of my works, I have a preset that I like to use that is italics and all lowercase, sometimes even without punctuation. This is on purpose. I see there is a way to define a preset, but I do not see a way to have the preset retain the capitalization transformation.

Is there a way to do that?

Thanks for some fantastic software.

You’re guess is correct, presets only store formatting information, they do not trigger destructive text transformations. Do you use Keyboard Maestro? I think chaining together italics, Format/Convert/To Lowercase together to a single shortcut might do the trick. Alternatively you could use OS X’s Keyboard System Preference pane to add a shortcut to the “To Lowercase” menu command and trigger them one after the other.