Card opacity when dragging to the binder

I’ve tried searching the forum for this issue and I’m really surprised that it seemingly hasn’t been raised by anyone.

I’m using Scrivener 2. When I drag cards from the corkboard to the binder (to re-order them or move cards under a different folder), the cards become semi-transparent so you can see the blue horizontal indicator in the binder beneath it which shows its placement. My issue is simply this: it isn’t transparent enough. I always struggle to see the blue indicator properly. I find myself trying to position the card under the mouse pointer in such a way that I have enough space to see. Otherwise the card is too obscuring. I would really love a slider in the corkboard options to adjust the transparency.

Does anyone else find this to be an issue, or at least an annoyance? Has it been discussed elsewhere? Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? And for technically minded people: might there be a key in the Windows registry where this could be manipulated? (I appreciate that that’s a long shot.)

Thanks for your thoughts on this.

Best bet is to post this in Technical Support. It would reach those best placed to answer.