Cards across won't change

In Corkboard Options–>Cards Across, it stays the same no matter which number you choose. Occasionally it will randomly change (for example to two across), usually when restarting Scrivener, but when I try to specify a number, no change. This is a relatively small thing, but still annoying. In the earlier version, I always liked being able to adjust this as the number of cards increased.

This seems to still be an issue.

Cards Across works fine with “Size to Fit Editor” checked, but otherwise does nothing.

You’ll have to combine this setting with the checkboxes in the same pesky dialog to achieve good results

Both Size to window and Wrap are possible this way.

Yes, the same annoying problem remains unaddressed two years after I pointed it out. I liked being able to organize my cards easily with this feature in the old version. Not sure why fixing it should be such a big deal.

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