Cataloging Book Template

I am trying to find a Template for Cataloging my books, (Author, Title, Publisher, Year), mostly PDF files.

I have tried both Zotero and Medelay Reference Manager, but the software has too many glitches and does not allow for the sub-directories Folder seperation when importing and more.

All advice is welcome, and, in advance, thank you for your help.

I use BibDesk (only available for macOS) and the LaTeX (from the MacTeX distribution) for such catalogues of printed books, eBooks (in and out of Apple Books), and downloaded STEM PDFs.

I utilise Zotero but only for grabbing bibliographic data from Amazon then using a Zotero extenstion to produce the bibtex format for BibDesk. Absolutely hate Zotero as a biblographic manager.

Thank you for your reply.
I am strictly a Windows user, so clearly, I need an alternative to Mac.
I am happy to know another Zotero user who’s not trying to market Zotero. The worst of it all is that Zotero support is useless and only repeat the same script, “Sorry for any inconvinence”
So I guess it’s back to the drawing board. (Big Sigh)