Categor y Categor ies Necessar y

How can I find the instances of these errors? A global search doesn’t let you search for “categor” as a whole word. Ctrl-F search does have this functionality, but it’s on a document by document basis, which in this particular case isn’t practical.

Isn’t there a way (Scrivenings?) to view the entire document at once?

As in the image below?

Or in scrivenings and using CMD F, the options ‘contains’ and ‘starts with’ also work in the tests I have tried.

Apologies in advance if I have misunderstood the question.

  1. Where is that drop-down menu? That is, how do you activate it?
  2. The example you gave doesn’t show the error, which would be “categor ies” and not “categories;” the latter is correct.
  3. For Scrivenings, are you selecting all the documents in the binder?
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  1. It is activated by clicking the disclosure arrow / magnifying glass in the search box

  2. Ah, with a space? Just add the space … "categor " … and search should find it for you

  3. Selecting either the whole draft or any files I want to limit the search to

Thank you for your clear answers.

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My pleasure. Hope it works as you need it to.

I’m not sure why spellcheck doesn’t produce reliable results. First is the size of the document–2.7 mb when compiled to ePub, and that’s all text. Second is that there is only 8 gb of RAM on this machine. Some of the individual documents are over 100 pages in size, there are 34 of them. Spellcheck simply doesn’t capture everything. I can use Scrivener’s global replace for those instances where I find an error–usually British spelling–and want to substitute American spelling throughout. But words with spaces as shown simply weren’t getting picked up by spellcheck and weren’t caught by my efforts to find them.

You’d probably do better with RegEx searches, if you’re not already doing it that way.

There is both passive and active spell checking in Scrivener. The passive spell checking (the “as you type” spell check) can be hit and miss, but the active spellcheck (invoked from menu) is on the nose, isn’t it?