Caught between Scrivener versions

I created a file on Scrivener 3 on a new macbook Air - which has just died on me and I cant get it fixed due to lockdown (it looks like a backlight issue). The file is saved on external HD but my older imac is running older version of Scrivener and I cant update the iMac OS to run Scrivener 3. The older Scrivener version cant now open the file because it was created in a newer version of the software. Anyone got any ideas?

Zip up the project and send it to the support address. Put my name in the subject line and reference this thread. I can back-convert it to Scrivener 2 format for you.



Thanks so much Katherine :slight_smile:

i was just seeing if I could sort this myself as it applies to other files too. I asked a friend who has V.3 to output the file in V.2 format but when I tried to open it it still says it was created in V3 and so cant be opened. Am I doing something wrong?

Can you stand over your friend’s shoulder? The specific Mac Scrivener command is File -> Export -> As Scrivener 2 Project.

Also, what version of Scrivener are you running on the older Mac? Scrivener 3 exports as a Scrivener 2.8 format project, but it can’t go any further back than that.


Hi Katherine

That’s exactly what we did and the version Im running on my imac is and its still saying that the version we exported in version 2 is created in a newer version of scrivener and cant be opened.

Stupid question time.

Are you positive that the project you exported from Scrivener 3 is the same file you’re actually trying to open in It doesn’t have the same name as the version 3 file and you’re not trying to copy it over and end up with a weird mishmash of versions?

To get back to the original problem. Where are you and have you explored service option? In many countries Apple Authorised Service Providers have been open during the lockdown. In Some countries ARS are open again. In many Apple have been offering on-site service including waiving the call-out fee for out of warranty devices. (Tip phone AppleCare and once they complete TS and confirm hardware fail ask for ARS service even if the stores are shut in your location and see if on-site is offered)

Thanks for all your input. Issue is resolved now :slight_smile: