Caution - iTunes Update and what it means?

Apple has made available an update to desktop iTunes. There’s much gnashing of teeth about it, particularly by those who use iTunes as their media hub. The details as to the changes are sketchy but it appears that they are significant.

If you have auto-update enabled on your desktop and you rely on iTunes for managing Scrivener projects, other apps, media and iDevices, you should consider disabling it until Apple and others provide complete information on the new iTunes. Could be it no longer meets your needs or that you’ll have to train yourself on how to best use its new configuration.

I too was apprehensive about this, and still am bothered as I prefer using iTunes to handle my apps and transfer them to my iPhone, and first reports said that the apps tab on iPhone/iPad sync was missing.

There is however a new tab for file transfer called “File Sharing” that lists the apps that use this functionality and it looks pretty much the same. So Scrivener file transfer using iTunes remains intact. So managing files remains, managing apps is gone along with iTunesU and ringtones.

First, a belated thank you to Peskat.

For those who inadvertently updated iTunes to 12.7, Apple has made available 12.6.3. … -included/

Unfortunately this isn’t working for me, at least not with iTunes for Windows. The file sharing chooser only allows for selecting a file, but a Scrivener project is specified as a folder (with a .scriv suffix). I used to be able to drag and drop a project folder onto the list, but not anymore.

Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution to it?

I don’t have iTunes 12.7. I’ve read (including at the following link) that you can’t drag and transfer a folder. I’ve always used the UI Add method rather than drag and drop. Have you tried it?

I know nothing about the app at the following link but the instruction page does explain, including with the use of images, the Add and Open iTunes 12.7 process for Windows. (Actually explains for more versions but you’ll recognize the 12.7 image.) … page&id=83

iOS Scrivener does not support iCloud, for technical reasons having to do with the structure of Scrivener projects. Direct file transfer via iTunes is the alternative for people who prefer not to use Dropbox.


+1 to what Katherine said. I prefer not to use third party or cloud services.

Yes, I have tried this, and I cannot make it work. The “add” button merely descends into the folder to try to let you select one of its individual files. It will not let you select the full folder required for a working Scrivener project. And it is not possible to get around this limitation by using “drag and drop” on the folder. (Unless there’s some trick to doing this that I don’t understand - which is why I’m asking :slight_smile:.)

Yep, you’re right. Figured it was worth a try. Hopefully, @kewms or someone else can come up with something. You could revert to 12.6.3 if needed (link above).

Good luck.