CELTX to Scrivener - HOW?

My video club members use Celtx, but I would like to convert their scripts to Scrivener on my Mac.

Is there a good way to do this???

The last time I checked, there wasn’t a direct way of doing this. However you should be able to export from Celtx as a plain text script, and then from Scrivener you can use the File/Import/Plain Text Formatted Screenplay… command. If you can export from Celtx as Fountain that would be even better though. You could save the file as .fountain and then just either drop that into your Binder to load it as a screenplay document, or use the File/Import/Import and Split… command to break it up by scene.


It would be nice if Scrivener offered an Import from Celtx function! (Hint, hint!)

That is, generally speaking, a whole lot harder than it sounds. :slight_smile: Specifically though, I think Celtx uses a database format, and doesn’t publish how to use it. Was there something that did not work properly with the methods I described?

Only export option in my Celtx was html or plain text. Presumably neither would maintain the text category (e.g. Dialog/Action/Character).

That should be working, did you try importing the text file with the first menu command I mentioned above? It should even be offering to split by scene.

The elements are all screwed up. E.g. Characters are shows as text and actions as dialog. :frowning:

Would it be possible to send us a sample from the .txt file? If so, you can send it to our support address, and reference this thread so they can bring it to my attention.

I am happy to do that, but it is not that important, as it is only 4 pages long. I was more interested in the process in principle.

So you can easily create any demo script using Celtx free version and then see how it converts to Scrivener.

I believe that you might be able to import CELTX into Fade In Pro (using the trial) and save it as fdx or fountain, and then import that into Scrivener.