Censor mode?

With all lilkeyhood the screw-up is mine, when I opened Scrivener one file was in “censor mode”. If I select the text and copy it into a new document it is still the same. It is possible to change to colour of the text and read it, but it seems impossible to change it from black on black to black on white. How do i revert it to normal again?

A screencapture:
url picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/E … directlink /url

If you select the text and choose Format>Highlight>Remove Color, does the black highlight disappear and stay gone after closing and reopening the project? This is probably a bug with having pasted in text from an external source with some kind of weird formatting or other issue that’s triggering a black highlight in the RTF code, but if you clear it in the editor in Scrivener it may go for good.

Paste and Match Style will strip all the formatting from text when you paste it into Scrivener (regardless of where you copied from). Not sure if that’s really what you want to do here in copying to another document, but it’s a useful resource to know.

Thank you, it worked, even after a re-start.

I try Paste and Match Style in the future, it seems very useful. Again - Thank you for the help.