Centering a scene divider

Hello all. This question is for Scrivener for Windows. I am having an issue with centering. In between scenes, I have three stars (***), which are centered on the page in the editor. When I compile, they get moved all the way to the left.

Clicking “compile as is,” would solve this problem, but it creates another. Before, I used “compile as is,” because I typed the chapter headings right into the editor. When I compiled the document, however, the spacing between the heading and the text was irregular on Kindle. (I went back to check the spacing in the document, and it was consistent there.) As a result, I removed the chapter headings from the editor and stopped compiling as is.

Is there a way to make my scene separators (the *** between scenes) centered without compiling as is?

Thank you!

Go to Compile>Separators and enter your scene separator in the Custom field.

Then place each scene in a separate text document within each chapter folder.

Delete the separators entirely from the text files, Scrivener will use the Compile setting that you just created.

Thank you very much!