Centred vs Left-Aligned Editor **SOLVED**

On Scrivener v1, I currently have the editor left-aligned, whereas in V3 beta, I can’t seem to get it left-aligned unless I use split-screen. See below:

Scrivener v1 No-Split Editor:

Scrivener v3 No-Split Editor:

Scrivener v3 Split Editor

I suspect it has something to do with the ruler, but I’m not sure how to fix it. I definitely don’t want to have to use split-screen all the time in v3.

If someone could help me solve this, it would be greatly appreciated, because I frequently swap between split-screen and no-split, and my brain does not like it when the text is constantly being moved about; it wants the editor left-aligned all the time so split-screening does not change the position of the main editor’s text.

Thank you in advance, although I will also thank you again if you reply. =)

I have this curse, you see, where I can fiddle around with something for literal hours, make zero progress, and then finally break down and make a post about it only to promptly find the answer myself.

So, for anyone else wondering, there are two ways to do this:

[1] File > Options > Appearance > Main Editor > Center the editor when using a fixed width

Uncheck the box beside ‘Center the editor when using a fixed width’.


[2] File > Options > Appearance > Main Editor > Default editor width

Change the number value (mine was 550) to something higher and the position of the text will adjust accordingly.

Embarrassingly, I probably had to do this for the original Scrivener, too, but I bought it way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth— er, in 2013, and therefore didn’t recall.