Challenges with page numbers and footers

Got two problems. These started recently after my Mac died and I needed to re-install; I don’t recall exactly how things were setup before. I’m about to go drink a fifth of Jack to make the hurting stop, I hope someone can help me out :slight_smile:

First up, when compiling Scrivener seems to want to put page numbers, headers, and footers into the front matter. I thought the point of front matter was that this didn’t happen - how do I get Scrivener to start page numbering after the front matter and also to suppress headers/footers on front matter?

Second, when putting the headers and footers in, the PDF output has the page numbers sort of mixed in with the main text - I suspect a margin issue of some kind, but I can’t work it out. I have the paper type set up with the margins as defined by CreateSpace for gutter, and mirror these with the compile margins. What do I need to do to fix this?

That is one potential usage for the feature, but it has many others, so this is flexible. Likely you were using a preset that set all of that up for you, earlier, but it’s easy to fix. Go into the Page Settings compile pane, click on the “First Pages” tab, then enable Different first pages header/footer and set this up the way you want (emptying all of the fields sounds like the right move). The Start regular header and footer on… drop-down should be set to “Automatic” here.

I’m not sure what is happening there precisely, but check for carriage returns in the header/footer field where the page number token is (just selecting all with Cmd-A and then retyping in the <$p> should do). That may push the page number up into the text. The other thing that may cause this to happen is if the margin is too narrow. It might be, if you need a certain setting for CreateSpace that isn’t working right, that you need to put the placeholder in another position on the page.

Legendary – that fixed it. I had completely overlooked the “Automatic” box and it had the number “2” in there which was causing the agony concerned :slight_smile:

I think this was the problem – that the margin was too narrow. I gave it a bit of a kick and things seem to have sorted; I’ve left the gutters on the paper size/type and added an additional cm to the top and bottom which looks to have fixed all.

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: