Change app language

I saw this question was mentioned a couple of years ago, don’t know if anything changed. I am new to Scrivener for iOS, just downloaded it yesterday. I found the interface language was Swedish (I am in Sweden) and I really want the app to be in English. It is really confusing as I use Scrivener for windows in English. Is there any way I can switch app language?

I just found that I can change the system language for my whole iPad, which is ok, but is there any other way?

I haven’t tested it, but if you go into iPad Settings, under Scrivener, you can set the preferred language toward the top. I believe that’s a system level feature they added, and I’m not sure if it impacts the UI language or just the spell check and other localisation stuff. You may need to restart the software by swiping it up off of the multitasking switcher after doing so.