Change background colour


I’ve been working with Scrivener 2 for a while, and it’s a beautiful piece of software. As I get eyestrain easily, one of the things I particularly find useful is the ability to change the background (paper) colour in full screen mode.

I’m struggling, though, to find a similar setting in windowed mode. Is there a way?


Scrivener>Preferences:Appearance, in Customizable Colors at the bottom. For full screen you can change the “paper” color (which is the pinkish-white by default) as well as the “background” which is the black space behind the paper. (You can change a lot else, too, but those seem to be the two of concern here.) If you want to change the color in the editor when not in full screen, use Editor>Text Background in the customizable colors list.

That’s brilliant, thanks :smiley:

I find it so much easier to write for long periods with a parchment-colour background.