change default font for Editor window?

How do I change the default font from Courier for the Editor window? I was able to change the default font for everything else but that. Thank You

NM, figured it out

You may have figured it out, but there is no explaination for us.

Please someone explain how to change the default font in the editor.

The directions here are dated and where is “preferences”?

I see in version 3 “Options”.

Please advise.
Thank you,

Hi HayesJohnHayes. In Scrivener 3 for Windows, please go to File > Options > Editing > Formatting.

In that panel, you can change the font that will be used for all new projects and all new documents in existing projects.

If you’d like to apply that change retroactively to existing documents in your current project, you can click into the document so the cursor is visible and then use the Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting command.

A panel will open that allows you to control how those new global settings from the Options panel are applied to this document.

That command can be destructive, so I recommend using it on a test document first. More information about it is available from §15.7.4 of the Scrivener 3 manual. You can access a PDF of the manual from Scrivener’s Help menu.

On the Windows platform, it’s currently not possible to select all the documents in a Scrivenings session and apply that formatting change like the macOS permits. You’ll need to work document by document instead.

You can also change the formatting of the material when compiling if you’d prefer. Since Scrivener isn’t necessarily a WYSIWYG word-processing program, the formatting being used when writing doesn’t have to match the output file’s settings.

In other words, you can set up global fonts and spacing that are comfortable for you when writing and then reformat the text during compile to match submissions standards.

That’s helpful if you’re like me and change fonts or font colors for each round of revisions.

By the way, it’s also possible to have most projects use one set of formatting and then use the Project > Project Settings > Formatting options to set specific formatting for one project. The C.5 section in the appendices has more on that.


Thank you so much. I will report my results in the next few days.

Again thank you,