Change displayed username

Okay, entering The_Amazing_Snake as my username was a really dumb idea. But the user profile web page seems to give me no way to edit it. What am I missing, exactly? How do I reset it to something less grotesque???

Ah… There are only three ways I know of:

  1. Delete your account, then create a new account with a less… exotic user name.
  2. Send a private message to a moderator (@kewms or @AmberV come to mind) requesting the name you’d prefer.
  3. Make your avatar Solid Snake wearing a wizard hat. :wink:

Good luck.

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Feel free to send me a PM with the name you’d like and I can get it updated for you.


[waits patiently to see what user name is picked]

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Per @JenT above, you can pick.

But what will they pick? I need to know!

Per @JenT above, you pick. Did you send them a “PM” (private message) as requested with your picked name?

I’m not the person looking to change their name. I’m the person intrigued to know what they pick.

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Why would anyone want to change their name from “pigfender” to something else!!! It’s the best name ever!!!