Change Dropbox sync location


I allowed Scrivener for iOS to set default Dropbox folder for sync when I set up, but this isn’t the folder where I keep my writing. How do I change the sync location? Or do I need to move my .scriv to Dropbox/apps/scrivener?

Many thanks

On your iPad in the Project view, tap Edit at the top, the gear wheel at the bottom, Dropbox settings, choose Other and then locate your Scrivener folder on Dropbox.

Be aware that if that folder contains a lot of projects, syncing with the iPad might take a looooong time. I have a subfolder where I have all my active projects and move them down/into that folder when I want to be able to work on the iPad, and up/out of the sub-folder when I don’t need them on the iPad for a while. All just to speed up syncing and not cluttering up memory on my iPad.

Lunk - thank you. I feel slightly dumb, but I’m there now.

Happy writing! :slight_smile: