Change Font Colors for Index Card/Corkboard?

Hi. I’m sure I’m missing a simple setting. I see how you can choose fonts for the Header and Body text of index cards, but I can’t for the life of me see where to change their color. I’m trying to make my index card headers blue and my index card body text red for better visual clarity.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


As far as I know, this can’t be done. You can change the background colour only.

If you want to colour-code your index cards, you can apply labels to documents and have label colours show up as the index card backgrounds, though. Also, keywords are associated with colours and can be displayed on the index card edges as colour chips. But actual text colours, no.

Ah. That’s a shame. It’s easily accomplished in Storyist, Word, Pages, and other apps yet I want to use it in Scrivener. Not to color code the cards, but to help improve visual acuity when there are lots of cards and text. See the the difference in the below graphic. One is Storyist. the other is Scrivener. I’d prefer to use Scrivener because the outliner is far more robust, but it’s much harder to read when pulling back to look at the whole story. I would imagine this should be an easy fix/add to the app since most word processing apps can assign color (i.e. MS Word, Pages, etc).

I would also love to be able to make the iPad/ios version cork board look like this, if there is a way to do so.

I wish I could have a pound for every time someone new to Scrivener and/or the forum has said, “This should be an easy fix”! I’d nearly be able to buy myself a new MacBook Air!



Hehehe. Meant no disrespect. I don’t know anything about coding (besides a little CSS). I just wondered if it was possible. I love using handwriting fonts on the index cards and it would be neat (albeit a luxury) to have the cards appear the same on iOS and the Mac - with the ability to assign font/color. :smiley: In my defense, I’m not new to the forum or the app. Just was wondering if this was a possibility. I’ve been extolling Scrivener to my author friends since 2008. Love it.

You can post this over in the Wish List forum if you like. Because the synopses (which are what the index cards display) are saved in plain text, you’re extremely unlikely to get varied colours within the text, but who knows? You might get colours for all the cards as your screenshot shows. It’s worth an ask…

I guess I’m wondering if it is likely the feature will be added. I’m not seeking varied colors “within” the text. Just simply the ability to alter how it is displayed - using text attributes (bold, underline, color – just like Word, Pages and other word processors offer, despite the actual text being plain text under the hood).

Besides, I’m pretty confused because there is a Format > Color option that doesn’t seem to affect anything I highlight. I can’t find what that menu option does. Plus there is a color option embedded within the Font Picker in the top left corner. Again, no matter what color I choose, it remains black. It’s almost as if the Index Card view is hard-coded to be black-only, which seems limiting. Couldn’t those built-in options be leveraged?

The thing is, in Pages and Word, nothing is plain text. Plain text doesn’t store any colour or bold/italic etc. information. So fundamentally, you are asking for KB to re-program the whole way the index cards are created, not just displayed.

Format > Colour works on text selected in the editor, which is RTF and therefore stores such information. If you don’t have anything selected in the editor, it won’t change anything!



It’s because the text is saved as plain text. Those functions only work in rich text such as the document body or the document notes.… [start grumble] and as a former Mac developer, those functions ought to be grayed-out in situations where they don’t apply, like plain text editing. [end grumble]

I’m not an L&L employee, just a long-term user who happens to be tech-savvy. As such, I’m in no position to tell you whether a feature is likely to be implemented or not. All I can tell you is that when I asked to be able to change the display font in the iOS index cards, the answer was a simple “no.” But it never hurts to ask politely. :smiley:

Ah. Very helpful and enlightening reply. I guess we will just have to live with the customization (sans color) on MacOS and live with the limitation on iOS. It is possible as seen with other apps, but must not be that big a deal I guess.Thanks again.

I’m chiming in late because I have changed the text color (I thought) to white, so I could have a darker background (easier on the eyes). I’m trying to change it again and can’t figure out how I did it the first time. Argh! Perhaps the text color auto-changes between black and white? shrugs

Am I reading correctly that Windows v3 won’t offer more text coloring options?

Scrivener corkboard black with white text.PNG
Scrivener corkboard white text.PNG

Hi, @annekaelber. This thread is in the Mac forum, but your profile says you’re a Windows user. I’ll tell you how this works as a Mac Scrivener 3 user, :smiley: but I can’t answer how this works in Windows.

Yes, on Mac the text automatically changes from white to black or vice-versa depending on how dark the index card background is. There’s no user control for the colour of the index card text, other than changing the card backgrounds. If you’d like to confirm that that’s how it works for Windows, I’d suggest posting in the Windows Beta forum.

Hope this helps! :smiley: