Change font for selected lines in Compile


I have a scene in my WIP where a character interacts with an old-style green screen computer. I would like the text from the computer to be displayed in Terminal font, but only for the lines spoken by the computer. I’ve tried various ways, but the compiler always seems to turn the text into my standard output font.

Any ideas?

In the post/thread linked below, although the question was about indents, the answer is pretty much the same.
Except that in your case you want to make sure the style used is “save all formatting” if your lines are paragraphs of their own, or a “character attributes” style, if rather part of a paragraph of your other font. (If you ain’t sure, use a character attributes style.)

(In short the answer to your question is : use a style.)

See section 17.3 of the manual.

Hmmm. I have tried that…But the text is compiled to the output font. :expressionless:




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If you’ve added this style to the styles panel of your compile format, either remove it from there, or make sure it is set to use the desired font.

This remains unchanged

Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 13.19.14

I’m not sure where to check if this style is in the styles panel of the compile format.
Thanks for your assistance.

About you check this option below to make sure for starters that you’ve properly applied the style to your text ?

One thing I notice is that the font that you don’t want seems to be used everywhere – Header and all.
What format are you compiling to ? (Try RTF…?)

And although this shouldn’t in this case change anything, see if your compiler is set to override the font (?) – Is it as below ? (That’s how it should normally be. But, again, this shouldn’t do any damage in this case…)

Yes. That highlights the ‘TERMINAL’ text in the editor.

Oh, sorry. I didn’t see the diagram in the first instance.

FYI I’m compiling to PDF.

Try RTF and see.
If it comes out fine, then it rather has something to do with the PDF.
Perhaps it doesn’t like your font (sort of speak) and defaults to the one used right before.

Gottit! Setting the compile to ‘Font determined by section layout.’ has fixed it. I had it set to ‘cochin’.
Thankyou so much for helping. It was a niggle that I couldn’t resolve. Loving Scrivener and the community. Thanks again.

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Then I guess the Windows version doesn’t quite handle it like the Mac’s, because this shouldn’t technically affect character attributes styled text. (Or the other way around. It should, but doesn’t in the Windows version.)

@AmberV (?)

Yes, the second statement is right. It is working as intended on the Mac, and as stated in the user manual:

When selecting a specific font, the scope of this setting is quite simple: it im-
pacts everything, from the page number on down to section types that would or-
dinarily leave the text formatting alone—even styles from the editor that would
otherwise declare a font family will be overridden by this setting
. If you need a
finer level of control (perhaps you want chapter headings to use a different font
than body text for example) then you will need to edit the format itself.

(Emphasis added.)

This is meant to be an “easy mode” global switch.

23.3.1 in the Windows manual. Exact same text as you just quoted.
But it doesn’t.



Resulting RTF in LibreOffice:

(Not sure it really matters in the end…)

It should be overriding all fonts, but it is not, so there is a bug here.