Change font size in KDP paperback?

How can I change the font size as it appears in a KDP paperback?

I compiled with 12pt font, but it was too big when I had a proof printed.

I changed the font size to 11pt in Scrivener and compiled again. The printed proof was the exact same size as the 12pt.

Thank you!

I don’t think this is something that comes with Scrivener; we have nothing called a “KDP Paperback” built for the software anyway, nor do I quite understand that would mean. Was it a compile Format you downloaded from somewhere? That’s fine if so, don’t get me wrong, it just helps to know what the context is.

What we do have is a “Paperback” compile format, in two sizes, one 6x9in and the other 5.06x7.81in. Paper size aside, the two are the same, and if you double-click on one of them to duplicate and edit, navigate to the Section Layout pane, and examine the text settings in any of the layouts that print text, you’ll find we use 10pt Palatino.

So that’s where I’m a bit confused, as you indicate it should be 12pt, and that this is what you compiled with.

You probably changed the font size in the Editor, but not in the Compile Styles.

If you use a “body” or “normal” Style, make sure it is imported or replicated in the Styles tab of the Compile Format Designer.

If you use the “no style” default formatting, make sure you set the correct font-size in the Section Layouts tab of the Compile Format Designer.