Change From First-Line-Indented Paragraphs to Blank Line Between Paragraphs

I’m compiling a nonfiction book for the first time in years, and instead of paras with first line indents, I want to have them not indented and with a space between paragraphs.

I can remove the indent, but can’t find out how to add the blank line. Hoping there’s an easy way.

Can someone point me to it?


I found it. Choose “Other …” for the line spacing. Not intuitive.

That’s Apple’s standard text spacing menu/dialogue – it’s the same in every Mac program which uses their framework (TextEdit, Devonthink etc) I think as well as in the formatting section of Scrivener. It’s not as clear as it could be.

My objection was that to get to that dialog, you have to go through a drop down control that seems to only sets line spacing. In fact, that’s what the tooltip says.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 6.42.38 AM.jpg

It was only through desperation that I chose “Other…” even though it seemed that choosing that would only allow me to select a custom line spacing.

As @Brookter implies, you’ll need to address your objection to Apple … it’s their framework, not Keith’s. He merely relies on the framework to make these things available to us.



I guess you’re right. I see now that TextEdit has the same non-intuitive way of getting to the paragraph spacing dialog.

Thanks for the info.