Change in cut and paste behaviour?

This might be old, but I can’t Previously, if I selected a bunch of notes or background shape, copied them, and then pasted into plain text, they would come out each on a new line.

Now (and it’s been a while since I last had the use case) they come out all on one line with no spaces.

Did something in change in the app or somewhere else in macOS to do this? Did I click a button somewhere I can unclick it?

I know exporting to text will get the desired result for the whole doc, but the cut and paste of subsections of a map is a more common need for me.

Thanks - love the app

Yes, copy and paste from Scapple to plain-text/rich-text contexts ended up a bit broken in the most recent version. It is something that has been fixed internally, and will be available in the next update. We’re also going to be putting out a public beta of that build soon-ish, so keep an eye out on the forum for an announcement regarding that.

Otherwise, at the moment, downgrading. is the only solution if you really need this. You may have to go back to 1.4.0. I don’t recall precisely when this broke.


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