Change location of Project Templates

Apparently I have Project Template files in two places on my harddrive. How that happened I am not exactly sure. I would like to bring them all into one location.
Can you specify where you want Project Template files to be stored.
Same question for Compiler files.
I am using Scrivener Windows version Nov 2019

If you launch a project and then do File > Save As Template, the default location for project templates will display at the bottom of the panel.


Same principle applies with Compile Settings. If you do File > Compile, then click Save Preset at the bottom left, the default location for Compile Presets will display in the Save panel.

As far as I know, these locations are not user-modifiable.

That said, I always keep a backup of any customized Project Templates or Compile Presets in a separate user data folder, along with my other Scrivener-related backups (e.g., customized Options), in case of hard drive failure or some other reason that Scrivener needs to be reinstalled from scratch on a new hard drive or PC.


Thanks for clearing that up Jim. It gets confusing between project, compiler and backup file locations.
That’s a good idea you gave me about backing up my template and compiler config files!

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