Change name of backup folder in Prefs

I am moving on to my second book. I recently had a thread dealing with this issue.

I hadn’t envisaged this day arriving so my Backup Location folder, as set in the preferences, is named after the name of my first book.

I would like to change it to a more suitable and imaginative name such as “Scrivener Ongoing Backups”.

How do I do this without breaking something ? This folder, along with the project folders etc. are all in my Mac’s Dropbox Folder.


It’s pretty easy, actually.

Assuming you don’t have Scrivener set to make backups when you open a project…

  1. Close Scrivener
  2. Rename/relocated your backup folder using the Finder
  3. Open Scrivener
  4. Change your backup preferences in Scrivener to match your new backup folder name & location.
  5. Profit

Bingo … that seems to have been the perfect recipe. Many thanks Sir.