Change of Font Size on compile document

Owing to “old habits” I have set up a number of styles and scriptwriter styles that include font sizes as well as other attributes. When I print the document I have realised that the size of 12 points that I have used is to large. I have experimented with the options provided on the compile document menu and these experiments have raised the following questions:

  1. If I change the font size but retain the family the output font size gets changed but other settings such as bold are retained (good). Is this operating by design or by fluke and will I be able to rely on this feature in the future? N.B. A change of font family results in all other font attributes are lost.

  2. Is there a method of setting different “styles” to different parts of the document via the compile menu e.g. Arial 12 point maps/compiles to Helvetica 10 point. Arial 14 point maps/compiles to Helvetica 12 point and so on.

best wishes


As long as the font family you choose actually has the variants in question, you will be fine. For example, if you choose Lucida Grande, your export will be limited to what that face can display.

As for question two, no there is no way to do that. If you want to have different faces for different sections of the book, then your best bet would be to not use the override feature, and in some word processor that can do style based searches, do the final formatting there.


Thanks for your reply. Do you know of any WPs that allow style based searches?


Mellel is probably the cheapest. It has a pretty good style search and replace (though it should be noted that you would have to set up stylesheets first. The tool is more meant to convert an incoming style-less document to a semantic style document). It will scan the document for all face+size+variant combinations and list them all, letting your do transpositions. Nisus Writer Pro. Word, of course, if one must stoop to using Word. :slight_smile: