Change or remove text background colour?

I’m making a collection of pieces from newspapers - some pasted in as plain text, but others I want the photos and graphs, so paste them in as their original form. But small newspapers often like the 1960s look of white text on a black background.

I can change the text colour easily, but how do I get rid of the black panel behind it? It’s hard to read black text on a black background!

Have you tried using Photoshop or Graphic Converter to reverse the foreground and background colours?


Photoshop? This is just white text on a black background, it’s not a graphic! There used to be a way of doing it easily in Scrivener - I think at one stage there were two icons beside each other, one to change the text colour and one to change the background colour, but maybe I’m having a happy hallucination. Anyway, can’t find it now; any instructions online refer to earlier versions.

If it’s just the text background (highlight) colour you want to change, you can do so using the buttons in the Format bar (ensure the Format Bar is visible via View > Text Editing):

From your original post, it sounded as though you wanted to paste some of the clippings in as photos of the newspapers, which is why Mark was suggesting Photoshop.

All the best,

Thanks, Keith - damn, I use that other icon for highlighting, I’m an idiot not to realise that of course highlighting is just another way of changing background colour! Sorry for the lack of clarity and thanks for the help, Mark.

Glad you got it sorted!