Change Printed Headers in Outline Mode to "Regular" Rather than "Bold" Font?

Is it possible to print in outline mode without bolding the titles of scenes/folders? There is a “Use Bold Font for: Folder Titles / Document Group Titles” option in Preferences → Appearance → Outliner → Fonts, but that doesn’t seem to do the trick, and specifying a custom font for “titles” in the same window gives the option of using “regular” but this seems to have no effect, and headings for the outliner sections are bold anyhow when printed.

Any ideas?

When you say “print” are you referring to how text is printed in the outliner itself (what this preference pane is concerned with), or what happens on a sheet of paper when you press ⌘P?

If it’s the former—I’m not sure what’s wrong! It looks like all of your settings are right. If it’s the latter, general tip: print settings are in File ▸ Page Setup…, under the “Scrivener” section at the top. But it’s worth noting there is no option for that specific aspect. We probably have enough checkboxes in there as it stands. :wink:

If you need more flexibility, I’d recommend printing from compile, where you have full control over the “template” used to print this information. The “Full Indented Outline” format is a good place to start from. You could get rid of bold as it is used, like so:

  1. Open File ▸ Compile… and select Compile for: “Print”, at the top.
  2. In the left sidebar: right-click on the “Full Indented Outline” format and Duplicate & Edit Format….
  3. In the “Section Layouts” compile format pane, look through the various options available and select the one you’d like to modify (or click + to create a new one).
  4. Click into the “Section Title” sample text in the formatting preview area and toggle bold off.

If you want additional metadata included, the Prefix and Suffix tabs are good places to go for that, as well as the “Title Options” tab, if you want some metadata on the title line. Look the the many available placeholders for inserting data, from Help ▸ List of All Placeholders….

Here is an example, where we have the status being printed on the title line as a title suffix, and on the line below that is the modification date, followed by the synopsis:


If you then save that format to “My Formats” in the dropdown at the top of the format designer, it’ll be accessible to all future projects you create as well.

I was referring to actual printing to paper. I like the quick option of printing an outline without going through the compile process, but the bold headers were giving me fits. (I’m fussy).
It suffices to know that there is simply no setting knob to twist on this one. I will take up your advice and use “print from compile” instead.
Thanks for taking the time to answer.