Change search highlight colour (and note re. manual)

Hello everyone,

I know there’s a way to change the colour used to highlight search terms; I’ve used it in the past, but now I can’t find it. I suspect I’m being more than usually dumb, but please could someone remind me where this setting is?

Also, I tried looking it up in the manual and there doesn’t appear to be a section that deals with customising Scrivener’s appearance. Either it’s not well marked or it’s missing; either way, may I suggest that it needs a bit of attention, as there are a lot of useful (but potentially confusing) options there?


Is it one of these settings you’re talking about?

In addition to the settings AussieDoc pointed out, which apply to search in Comp Mode, play around with the settings related to “Search” and “Find” under File > Options > Appearance > Textual Marks > Colors.

I’m pretty sure you want Search Text Selection Background, but the other settings may be useful to tweak as well.

Don’t feel bad. This question has been asked a few times recently. Textual Marks must not be an obvious enough name for some of these settings. I went looking a few months ago for Spell Check Underline and someone had to direct me to Textual Marks–I never thought to look there. :blush:


Perhaps it would be better labeled as Textual Markings or Adjusting of Textual Markings.

Belated thanks for helpful posts. Yes, “Search text selected background” is the setting I was looking for. Sadly, however, the setting does not work in [RC8] HiDPI – I just changed the default yellow to green, hit apply, did a search – yellow highlighting used. When I changed the setting I did not get the “Scrivener needs to restart” message, but I tried restarting anyway – same result. I will post this as a new bug.

This has been fixed and will be available in RC09 when it is released. Thank you for reporting.