Change Speech Options?

I’m curious to know if there is a way to change the voice on the Speech function for Scrivener for Mac. Scrivener doesn’t use the voice I’ve chosen in my MacOS accessibility preferences—a Siri voice—and instead defaults to the robotic sounding basic voice.

The work around is using Opt+Esc to read, which uses the Siri voice, but I’d also like to be able to click the mic icon on the toolbar to access for the same voice. This is especially important to me because I use the speech function regularly.



That’s from the Windows version, but if you use the search menu function as shown above, should there be settings you’ll find them.

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This is wonderful, but the option isn’t available on Mac. I have only Start Speaking and Stop Speaking. No entry for Settings.


Unfortunately, as I said in my OP, Scrivener doesn’t use the voice I’ve chosen in the accessibility preferences.

I can’t help more (or much) being a Windows user but, question :
Did you play with the setting for the speed, for example, to see if at least you’ve got some degree of control over the function ?
(What I mean is that if you can’t even control the speed, then the voice and all other settings are somewhere else. Why or where, don’t ask me. But that’d be the logical conclusion.)

I appreciate the help. I can control the speed via Mac preferences. It just doesn’t use the voice I’ve chosen there. Defaults to robot voice. I’ve got a support ticket in with Literature and Latte.

Thanks for trying!

I feel for you, Robert. I have the same problem. I can’t believe this question has been here since last October and there’s no answer. Someone must know either how to do it or that it can’t be done. The only answer is an effort from a Windows Scriv user?

I can get Samantha. Why can’t I get Nicky? I’ve got “Nicky” checked in the Accessibility/Spoken Content window on Monterey. I checked “Allison” and there was a download. Now I can get Allison. But there doesn’t seem to be a download for Nicky, a voice that’s seemingly on the computer already.

In RobertGB’s case, he opened a help ticket with us, which I happened to pick up.

In our troubleshooting, we found that macOS Monterey wouldn’t allow him to use the voice he preferred. He upgraded to macOS Ventura, which resolved his issue.

Since Scrivener uses the macOS tools for the text-to-speech functions, I’d suggest testing with a second Scrivener project like the Interactive Tutorial.

If the issue continues in the Tutorial, please make sure you’ve installed Apple’s latest patches to your macOS. The most recent Monterey update takes it to 12.7.2.


Yes, as RuthS says, the upgrade to MacOS Ventura makes it work. Don’t know what the problem is with Monterey, but since upgrading to Ventura the problem is gone.

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Thanks for the updates. I settled on “Allison,” and can live with “her.” I need to check if my box supports Ventura.

I have the latest macOS 14 Sonoma, currently 14.2.1, and I still have the speech problem mentioned. Any fix for this version?

Unfortunately we do not have any information on what might fix it, but it probably is related to system configuration to some degree given the problem went away in an upgrade for someone else. I don’t think there is anything Scrivener is doing specifically, or rather that there is anything one can do from that side since it is wholly dependent on how the OS works with text to speech.

You’d honestly probably have more luck searching in a broader way for macOS using the wrong voice. For example, this thread, although old, refers to issues with the wrong voice being used.