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I searched for an answer in the forum, but couldn‘t really find something. I have installed scrivener for iOS on my iPad 9th generation with iOS 16.5
I created a new project and startet with a document. There is a bit of sample text for which I want to create text format templates, so I tried to use the paintbrush function:

1st attempt: I mark the title, go to the paintbrush, changed the settings for the title template to my desired values, scrivener changes the appearance accordingly, leave the configuration by tapping in the editor window and I have a nice title. When I then go to another line in the text, choose the paintbrush followed by the title format, it‘s not what I designed but the default values again.

2nd attempt: create an empty document, go to paintbrush, change values under title, leave the menu by tapping into editor window, write a text, mark it, go to paintbrush, choose title, but it will format with the default format.

3rd attempt: write a text, format it via paintbrush, copy the values with formatting options → copying format, go back, choose title format (the format will go back to default), copy my values via formatting options → paste formatting, the appearance changes, yeah! Then I write another line, mark it, go to paintbrush, choose title and it formats my new line again with the default settings.

I tried some variations of the mentioned above, but it didn‘t work as expected. Is there something I don‘t understand? Is it a bug? Please advice!



If I am following, it sounds like you trying to redefine one of the Styles in the project. But applying the provided ’Title’ style to some text and then changing the features of that text does not redefine the predefined style named ‘Title’.

Or maybe I am missing something here, because I have no idea what you mean when you say that you “change values under title”. ‘Title’ is on a menu under the paintbrush, but all you can do is pick it to apply that style to whatever paragraph has focus.

Hi and thanks for answering, gr!

I mean: I try to modify the given template for “title” and scrivener doesn’t save my modifications. It always reverts to the default. And it is also not limited to ‘title’ the problem occurs also for other format templates.



This tells my what is your /aim/, but it does not tell me what you are /doing/ that fits the description “changing the values under Title”.

Again, ‘Title’ is a menu item under the paintbrush. Like all the style menu items, what you can do there is just pick that menu item. No provision is given there to change the style definition, as far as I can see. So, what exactly are you doing that you think is supposed to redefine the style? I ask, because I don’t see where is an option to do that.

I use Scrivener on Mac and iPad, so my defined paragraph and character styles are either built-in or were defined by me on Scriv for Mac. I never set out to define/redefine a style on my iPad. As far as I can see there is no provision for doing this under the paintbrush. So, I am wondering where you are finding the option.

Every format template has multiply values that can be changed, like font, font-size, color etc… This is what I mean with changing the values.

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Okay, maybe I do not know what you mean by ‘format template’ here. Do you mean something other than a defined paragraph Style? Sorry if I am being slow here.

Under the paintbrush in the editor pane I see how to make my text bold or whatever, I see how to pick a defined Style to apply (like ‘Title’). There is also an option to set what I want my (unstyled) paragraphs to look like by default. And that is all there is to do there.

Now, what is a format template and where do I go to edit one?

I add two screenshots that make my question more clear. Here we go:

The „Palatino“ font is default, but I manage to change it to, in this case Rockwell. I Ido this by using „set as default formatting“ under „formating options“.

Update: while trying out different font styles, scrivener crashed and it won‘t load my project again. I am really regretting spending the money now… :frowning:

I try now to get it working again…



‘Set as Default Formatting’ does not redefine any of the predefined styles/format presets. It does not change what those defined style menu items do.

But you can see it in the screenshot - first shows Palatino, second Rockwell in the menu for the presets. But it behaves not as expected. Anyway, now it doesn’t work at all. Thanks for your help anyway! Marcus

I am pretty sure what you are seeing is a representation of what will happen to a paragraph that is formatted like the new default paragraph, if you pick one of those styles to apply. It does not mean each of those styles is itself going to /impose/ that font typeface.

Sorry I have not been more help.

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