Change text that’s marked for comments


I use comments to mark pieces of text that I want to go over later. It makes it easier to recall why I want to review these bits, instead of just using a different colour.

But once text is marked for comments, you can’t change it anymore, it seems. You have to remove the highlights in order to be able to change the marked pieces of texts.

Am I missing something? Is there a way around this?



This can be done in the Beta. The color, text and comments are all editable. I’m guessing that if no one responded, this isn’t available in the finished version.

Maybe I have misunderstood what is being asked, but I find that text marked for comments can also be changed in the present version,, not just the beta version. If one moves the cursor into the marked text with the arrow keys, there’s no problem. If one gets to the marked text by clicking there directly, or via clicking on the linked text in the inspector, one may find some text is highlighted, which may or may not be what one wants (that highlighted text can be replaced as a whole by typing alternate text). But if one then moves the cursor with the arrow keys, one can proceed to edit normally. Also, when one first clicks into marked text, the cursor may go to the end of the marked text. If one then moves towards the beginning of the text with the backward arrow key, it will jump to the beginning of the marked text. But from there one can proceed to move with the arrow keys into the marked passage. Basically, when one first jumps into marked text, one gets a particular behavior. But then moving the cursor with the arrow keys has it go back to ordinary editing.

Indeed, it can be done. It’s a little harder, but once you get the hang of it, it works fine. Thanks, comvox