Change the word "Contents"

Hi everybody,

I am writing a book in German and have no use for the word “Contents” as title for the table of contents. How can I change this to something else (e. g. “Inhalt” in German)?

Any help appreciated.

I recommend using Sigil for customising the final look of your e-book. It’s pretty easy to use, but offers a lot of power under the hood for those that want to get in and make fine adjustments. If you are also publishing to Kindle, note you can open .epub files in Kindle Previewer, it will convert them to .mobi for you.

Dear Ioa, thanks for the advice, I had a quick look at Sigil and it seems to be an excellent tool for the finishing touch, including the localisation of elements like “Contents”.

Hello Hedobald

Perhaps this is what you want…this is from the Mac version but I assume it is the same or similar in Windows:

(1) Compile
(2) Layout
(3) HTML table of contents title: WHATEVER YOU WANT IT TO SAY

[attachment=1]zz 2013-01-31 at 10.58.32.png[/attachment]

Here is a sample screen-grab from a Kindle book:

[attachment=0]zz 2013-01-31 at 11.17.44.png[/attachment]

Hope this helps

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Hi Mac – That tip works on the Mac version, but the Contents feature isn’t available yet in the Windows; ebooks use a table of contents automatically generated during the compile process based on the page break settings and document titles, so it’s not possible yet to customise this page from within Scrivener. Sigil is a handy tool, though, and I definitely recommend it for any tweaks you want to make to epubs (or epubs-to-be-mobis).

Many thanks, Jennifer