Changed my mind!

I downloaded Scrivener a couple of weeks ago, and loved the look of it and how it could be useful, but I felt as though I’d be loosing valuable writing time getting to grips with it - it just looked too complicated.

Yesterday however, I actually took time to go through the video tutorials and soon changed my mind. I realised that I could just start with the parts of Scrivener I needed and learn the rest as I go along. Today I’ve found myself planning ahead in some projects I’m doing far more than ever before and have probably had the most productive day ever thanks to Scrivener for Mac.

Needless to say I’ve paid for the full version now… :laughing:


Thanks for buying, and welcome to the forums! Great to hear that you changed your mind about it being too complicated, too - I know several published authors using Scrivener who barely touch half of the tucked-away features, and with 2.0 especially I have tried to ensure that the main features are transparent and everything else is just there if you need it.

Thanks again, and happy New Year!

All the best,

See, this is the type of provocatively titled thread that shows creativity. Had me all ready to mumble disparaging remarks about needing a mind to change it, but you pulled that rug right out from under me.

Point to rtaylor! One-nothing. Whoo.

I’m staying out of this one… :smiley:

Too late! you started it.

Some of us here are easily confused and eager to … wrestle (vic-k should have fun with that). That you would come here and impose your completely appropriate, good natured, and thought views on us is intolerable. How dare you?!

See now look what you’ve done. I’ve gone and lost my head again!!!

But Jaysen, since you’re always claiming you haven’t got a head to lose … :smiley:

Mr X

I have the head. I try to keep it near my desk, but when I get to ranting and raving the flailing of arms and legs sends it skittering across the room.