Changing address on Header Page on Fiction template

How do I change an old address to a current address for the First PageHeader Info to auto fill? I am running Scrivener 3.3.6 on a MacBook Pro 11.7.10.


Unless it is not like the Windows version:
Options / General / Author information

There are other metadata fields more or less like this also in the metadata panel of the compiler, rightmost third of it.

I have updated the Author Information section in Preferences. Still nothing changes in the document.

Then it is either in the compile panel, rightmost section / metadata, or in your compile format (if you customized it), Page Settings panel.

If you want it to always go by what you’ve set in the options, replace your old address with the right placeholder wherever you’ll find this old address in your compile format. (Page Settings, first pages header, very likely.)
Or just replace it with the new one, and take note of where for next time, if you need to change it again.

There is a list of all placeholders accessible via the help menu.

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