Changing bookmark status on a post or topic

I inadvertently bookmarked a post, and now cannot figure out how to remove the bookmark!

Would someone be so kind as to share what is likely an intuitive and simple procedure. :blush:

Each post within a topic can be bookmarked. To remove one from a post, click the flag icon below the post itself. It should just show up if it is bookmarked. If you don’t see the icon, it will not be bookmarked (and to see it you have to click the ... button first.

But more easily, if you don’t want the any bookmarks in the topic itself, hit the End key to scroll to the bottom of the discussion, and click the “Bookmark” button. That will clear all bookmarks in a topic if there are any.

You can also use the b key, either with nothing selected (then the first post will be bookmarked), or the currently highlighted post. The key also works for removing the bookmark or editing it, later.

Thanks Ioa. Now that I’m on my PC, bookmarking and unbookmarking are perfectly obvious.

But when I was on my iPhone earlier I couldn’t seem to make it work. Perhaps I need a phone with a bigger screen. :grinning:

What does bookmarking a post do? What can it be used for?



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It’s a way of “pinning” posts for yourself, for easy access off the main avatar menu in the top right of the page. Alternatively they can be set to remind you after a set interval, and send you a message. I believe they self-destruct after the interval, but I could be wrong on that.

Thanks, Amber.


Political writing: God’s Spies @ Substack
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Um, did Thomas just reinvent the forum signature?

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I really hope not. Not having everyone’s signatures on every post has been a relief I didn’t know I needed – especially since you can just click on someone to see their profile.


Yes, it does seem like the About Me section of one’s profile (which shows up in the pop-up) is going to be a better place for such things.