Changing Character Names Globally In a Project

I think I already have an answer to this issue, which is that I have to do a global find-and-replace, but is there some way to link the character pages in the Characters sub-folder with the manuscript such that you change things in that one part of the project, it flows through the entire project?

As well, if you decide to change a location’s name, etc.

Anyone have any tips, tricks, or techniques for this sort of thing? It’d be nice if you could do what you used to be able to do in some of my old-school OS/2 programs like DeScribe and have links between documents such that you could change things in a master document, and have that flow through everything else in that folder. Although, I may be misremembering what I used to do, there…

I have no solution to your question. However, during my working years, I recall doing something along these lines with ‘merged fields’ in Word. But, it involved building the file of names to be merged (bulk mail letters, for instance), and then putting that placeholder in the master document.

If I understand your question, and if it was even possible, then instead of typing your character’s name each time, you’d likely have to put in the placeholder…so that you could go to your merge-field file, where you would change the character’s name, so that it would globally update your document.

That would not appeal to me, as I would never be typing a character’s name in my text. I would always be putting in the placeholder for that particular character. Multiply that action by a handful of characters, and it would become a memory nightmare. I think you’re far better off with the “find and replace globally” option, although that does assume that you typed the character’s name exactly the same each time. :open_mouth:

I’m blessed with touch typing skills (the single really useful high school class), but at the expense of 100% accuracy. :unamused:

I think what I’m actually asking for is that there be something of a relational database aspect to it all, which is probably more than slightly insane.

Ideally, you could have your character names automatically relate back-and-forth from your writing to the character descriptions, to include nickname and diminutives. Then, should the need arise, you go to the character sheet, make your changes, and that is propagated across the entire project seamlessly. The same thing could be applied to other things, like locations.

I suspect that this is something of a pipe dream, and that emulating it would mean re-writing the entire software package such that it took on aspects of a relational database program along with word processing.

Ah, well… Maybe someday.