Changing computer

I bought Scrivener not from the App Store but through your website, I think I got an eSellerate email somewhere,
Now I am about to change computer, what do I have to do license Scrivener on the new Mac? For a few days I’ll probably run both computer as to make sure I transfer all the important files.
I do also have Scapple.

Thank you.

You should just download the latest version from the website, and input your license key. As far as I’m aware, individual user’s licence keys didn’t change (I think they worked with the new vendor to accept the old key codes). The latest versions of Scrivener and Scappel will check with the new license website, which I believe will accept the old user id and code.

Thank you, Scrivener will be the first app I’ll install as soon as the new mac arrives.

This is a variation on the question. My old laptop just died–the charger connection is broken, the battery ran out, and it’s now just a doorstop. NP, it was old anyway.

Got a new one. The Scrivener (Windows) install went fine and the license code took.

But I’m wondering about that old one. There’s no way to deactivate the old code. How many devices can have Scrivener before I’m out of licenses? And is there anything I can do about that now-unusable version?

I recall the developer explaining it thusly before they changed licensing vendors, but I don’t think this has changed at all with the new license vendor…

Once you exceed the maximum number of licensed installations (5 or maybe 10 computers of the same Operating System type), the oldest registration is erased from the licensing server. Typically, that means a computer that’s no longer in use is the one bumped off. If that computer happens to be one that’s currently in use by you, then the next time you launch Scrivener on that computer, you just have to re-enter the license.

If you installed from the Mac App store, then the limit on how many computers you can install to is controlled by Apple, as is the activation/deactivation of any given computer that has been authorized by you. If you purchased through this website, then it’s up to Literature and Latte.