Changing Default Formatting

Okay, just downloaded Scrivener for iOS onto my 12.9" iPad Pro, current iOS system
I followed the steps as outlined – establish the style (Body with Cochin font and 18 pt first line indent), paintbrush, formatting options, set as default formatting.

But all it did was set the font.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

What you set will be used in new projects.

But my question is how to change the presets. Am I merely changing the style of what the current style is?
How do I change Title, Heading and Body presets, or better yet, establish my own presets?

Like the presets on the Mac? But they only affect the font, don’t they? It’s not like styles in Word.

To change one of the presets you have to format something and then set that preset based on that.

(jaw wide open)

So, what’s the purpose of styles, or being able to “change default formatting” if I can’t change it?

Scrivener hasn’t got Styles of the kind that e.g. Word has.

The Default formatting decides what the text will look like in the Editor while you are writing (but only takes effect on new projects).
The Formatting presets are a way to quickly change the look of parts of the text while you are writing.

None of them has anything to do with what the text will look like when you “export” it using Compile. They are simply a way to create the writing environment you want to have while writing. Scrivener is all about writing, and not a wysiwyg, desktop publishing, layout software.

An example: I have all my text in Menlo 13 points while writing, because I like the look of it on screen, but when I export to epub or mobi I use the standard fonts for ebooks preset in the Compile function for ebooks.

Have you got Scrivener on the Mac?

Yes, I went and bought Scrivener for Mac and for iOS.

I understand that the app is “all about writing, and not a wysiwyg, desktop publishing, layout software”. So is Ulysses, which is what I was using before I went and paid for Scrivener. All of the reviews say how Scrivener is the best app out there for writing. And it is nice that I can type without the hash tags, underscores and percent signs cluttering the screen. But I have way more styles – Title, header 1 through 5, etc – than I have in Scrivener.

If I’m using the preset Title, Heading and Body in the editor, How do I ensure that Title is centered and Body is first line indent when I compile the project?

It all depends on what you compile for. As you just wrote yourself: Scriv is for writing. It’s not for formatting. That’s next step. You can do a lot in compile, vut not everything. For the final tweaks you’re gonna need Word, or InDesign, or something else. It is the planning, structuring, writing, organizing supplementary material, etc that is Scriveners mission.


All very pretty on the Mac. Now show me what it looks like on the iPad.

I read your question in the New Posts part of the forum and saw that you have the Mac and answered accordingly. I profoundly apologise for wasting your time.

The answer you seek is in the help file. Enjoy your day.