Changing editor cursor color

I want to change the color of the blinking cursor in the Scrivener 3 for Mac editor. Previous answers to this question have cited a “customizable color” menu. My version (3.2.2) does not have this. I can change the color of the cursor in composition mode but I want to change it in the Editor mode, too.

This setting is found in the Appearance: Textual Marks: Colors preference tab, with the same name used for Composition Mode, Insertion Point. That is always a good second place to check if you don’t find what you are looking for in Main Editor section.

I found it at about the same time as you posted this. Thanks. Wish I could have searched for change cursor color. “insertion point” is not the first thing I think of when I want to change the color of my cursor.

Insertion point, caret, cursor… no matter what we call it, someone will probably end up looking for something else. :wink:

I’ve tended to avoid cursor in documentation and such, since that term has become common for describing the pointer, as moved around by a mouse or similar device, as well.