Changing ellipsis to three periods

I think Scrivener substitutes the unicode ellipsis when I type ‘…’ There’s a 2013 discussion that notes: “A good way to make sure that the output contains 3 periods when you compile: Choose “Convert ellipses to triple periods” in the Transformations section of the Compile dialogue. You have to compile, or hold the OPT key down to change “compile” button to a “Save” button in order for your setting to stick.”
However, in Scrivener 3.1.5 and Mac OS 10.14.6, the Transformations option in Compile offers no such option. How do I mass-convert the unicode (closer-spaced) ellipsis to the (preferred by publishers) three periods? Is it best to compile out to word and do the conversion there? If so, how?


Transformations are available in the compile format designer:

Alternatively, you can create a replacement in the main compile window, replacing … (an ellipsis) with … (three full stops).

One of these options suitable for your needs?