Changing formatting after cut and paste from MS Word

Hi this is my first post to the forum as so far I’ve Scrivener life-changingly brilliant. But I’ve now hit one small problem which I’m sure is because I’ve missed how to solve it.

I’m writing a book and my proposal was written in Word. When I cut-and-pasted each chapter synopsis into Scrivener, it retained the Word formatting and I don’t have the lovely width that Scrivener gives you when writing direct. Changing the font is no problem but I can’t find a way of getting rid of the width formatting. Fiddling with the ‘Justify’, ‘Align left’, etc, only does just that and doesn’t get rid of the narrow column effect. Any suggestions?

Many thanks


London, UK

Try Edit/Paste and Match Style…


No, don’t try that!!! Unless you want to flatten all italics etc.

Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style will do it.

If you for whatever reason want to change the width only you could type cmd+a to highlight the complete text and move the little margin triangles in the ruler to the positions you want them to be.

But the Convert menu item is the fastest way of giving all your documents a consistent look. If you have to do this often you might think of attaching a short cut to this menu item.

Yes, as suggested, you just need to show the ruler (cmd-R) and adjust the right margin, dragging it all the way to the right. For some reason, many Word documents import with a fixed right margin.


Many thanks for these suggestions.

Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style did the trick!

Thanks again