Changing formatting in all documents of a manuscript at once.

I have a fairly large manuscript composed of many documents. I would like to change the formatting of the text in ALL the documents at once - without having to go into each document one at a time and do it manually.

Is there any way to do that? Thanks!!!

Set your default text style the way you want it, then Documents | Convert | Formatting to Default Text Style.

Thank you Major. Just one more question - how do I set a default text style? Thanks again.

Go to : Tools > Option > Editor.

There you’ll see a little window with an example text. In that example text you select the blue, italic letter A on the top left.
That’s where you can set your default font (I think that is what you ment? Setting a default font?)
Anyway, in that same window you can set other options as your default as well, so have a look around.

How I did it: for changing existing documents to your newly set default format just select the documents you want to change and then use the method that Major Major posted. (Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style.)

You can select documents by holding CTRL and selecting what you want. Or, if they are in a neatly arranged column like several chapters for example, you can select the 1st document - hold SHIFT - then select the last document. This will select them all at once.