Changing from Old Computer to New Computer


Ok… first let me apologize for being a complete computer moron… this will be completely understandable shortly… but here is my question :question: :question: :

I purchased Scrivener for Windows in June 2012. LOVE IT. Then our Windows Vista operating system starting having problems on our old computer, which was causing some issues with me opening up Scrivener and working in it. So… I “thought” I was able to copy my work onto an external hard-drive… and the only reason that I say that I “thought” I did was because when I clicked on it, it DID open up and I was able to write and save like usual. Long story short, we had to get a new computer a few weeks ago, and now the OS is Windows 8. My original Scrivener program is in the old tower… and I don’t know how to move it all to the new computer… and I’m afraid that time is of the essence. I plugged in my external hardrive to the new one and clicked on the Scrivener document, but nothing would open. I almost had a heart attack. Have I lost my work, or is it still in the old computer in the Scrivener program? I have no idea how to move the whole thing… Scrivener program and saved work over to the new one… and stupid me did not save the program to a disk when I first installed it. Am I completely screwed? :blush:

And secondly, I read on one of the forums about Scrivener for Windows 8… do I need this, or will the program that I have work?

I will be SO grateful to anyone who can help me. I hope that this is not a completely redundant question. I did try to look throughout the forum to see if I could find an answer, but could not seem to get the right keywords to pull anything up. Again… my apologies…

I eagerly await the genius of those who might feel sorry for me… :confused:
Thank you so much.


Hi Cathy,

Welcome to the forums. I’m a Mac person, but since you say time is of the essence …

The simple answer is, go to the website, download a new copy of Scrivener onto your new computer and install it. Find your serial number, wherever you have it on your old computer and enter it, and you’re good to go. I read somewhere a couple of days ago a post from Ioa (Amber V) which said Scrivener runs fine on Windows 8, and if you can’t find your serial number, don’t panic, just email sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com and David will sort you out after the festive season. In the meantime, you have the 30 days of use trial which means you can got on with your magnum opus.

I’ll have to leave it to a Windows person to help you move any keywords, labels etc. you have created on the old machine onto the new, as I wouldn’t know where to look under any flavour of Windows.

Good luck, and every good wish for the season. :slight_smile:


EDIT: And don’t worry about any licensing problem. The licence allows you to install it on 5 — I think, or it may be 10 — computers belonging to you or members of your family living in the same house, so having it on your old computer and your new one is not an issue.

Oh Thank you, Thank you!!! :smiley:

I am grateful for your instruction, Mark. It did not occur to me about downloading Scrivener again and then entering my serial number into the new computer. I was just so afraid that that old tower was going to kick the bucket with all my writing in that program, that I wanted to get it moved over so I could finally get some sleep at night.

Ok… whew! What good news!

Thanks again and hope that you have a wonderful New Year, yourself!


Hi Cathy–did Mark’s answer get you all sorted out with this? Definitely just reinstalling Scrivener on your new Win8 machine is all you need for that, but I want to make sure you’ve also got all your projects where you want them. If they’re saved on an external drive and you’re still just working from that, that’s fine–the problem with them not opening would have been because the program itself wasn’t installed yet, and so following Mark’s advice would have sorted that. If you need to move the projects from your external to your new computer, I can help you out with that, and if you want we can see if we can grab some of your preference files and so forth from the original tower, although by this time you may have already just set up Scrivener on the Win8 machine the way you want it and don’t need those. So just give a holler if you still need any help!

Hi MM! Thanks so much for checking up on me. Yes, Mark’s answer really helped… especially what he said about not having Scrivener installed first. I sure felt like a big dummy when I realized that was one of the problems. Once I installed it on the Win8, I did not have a problem moving my project over… both to the external hard-drive ( I had to compile it first), and then over to the new computer. I was so excited about that success that I stopped there and have not gotten back to it yet. Just a relief to know that I did not lose all that work. I’m going to go back to the old tower and double check what I had on there to make sure that it all transferred over to the external hard-drive. That was a big “high tech” workout for this gal!

Thank you for offering your help… I am quite sure that I will need it shortly. I am working on a website right now and plan to get back to my writing once the site is up and running… so if I find myself needing some more instruction and advice… I will certainly be back to this forum, and find you and Mark!

Thanks again!


Hi Cathy,

You’re welcome to any help I can give, though Jennifer (MM) is a much better source than me, because: (i) she is part of the team and has more in-depth knowledge, where I’m just a very happy long-term user who actually uses only a fraction of the facilities provided by Scrivener (as I use it almost entirely for editing Chinese-English translations, so L-R split editor, snapshots, basic compiling and that’s about it); (ii) as I said, I’m a Mac person and know little about the way the Windows version is organised and any interface etc. differences, whereas she uses both platforms and it seems tends to concentrate on Windows support

Although I check all the forums everyday, including lurking in the Windows forum in case I can be of help, I don’t actually post that often, so while I would be more than happy to see you around and say “Hi”, to find me, you’d basically have to lurk in the Mac forum, the Scapple forum and the “Software by Other Folk” forum, and put your sanity at risk by descending to the depths of the “And Now For That Latte” forum.