Changing icons with a grid view instead of a list in a menu


In Scrivener, I can change the icon of the note I created, but can I display the choices as follows? If not, I will request this as a new feature.

Sorry, what is it you are asking to be able to do, specifically? I don’t understand what this image is meant to communicate—if you mean using Emoji, you can already do that. Emoji is a kind of text, and you can use text icons with the Documents ▸ Change Icon ▸ Icon from Text... command.

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In the current method, a long list of icons is displayed. The user has to move the mouse pointer many times to select an icon from the list. I find this inconvenient because it does not allow the user to easily change the icon of the note.

I see what you mean. There are some issues I see with that:

  • It would reduce accessibility for other methods of selection. You are referring to the mouse, but some might prefer (or even require, if they cannot use a mouse effectively) to use the keyboard to select by label. Without the label they would have to tap the arrow buttons repeatedly.

    (I am aware that this method of input is hampered greatly on Windows, as they haven’t added accelerators to any of the icon labels, but it is a valid point on the Mac, where all menu commands can be selected by typing in the first part of a name.)

  • And speaking of the mouse, for me I do not have to move it differently for menus as I do for grids, in both cases it is one smooth motion to move the pointer to the spot on the screen that has the thing I want to click on. I do not understand what is meant by having to move the pointer “many times”.

  • I’m sure some would miss having descriptive labels as well. Being able to name a thing gives a little more weight to a setting, than just changing how it looks. For example, having a color Label that is not only red, but prints “Needs Fixes” is of much more impact than just having some colours you can pick from and having to memorise what those mean.

That aside, I get the preference you have, and there is probably a reason some icon/emoji pickers use this kind of grid view instead of lists. The list of advantages is not entirely in favour of lists—but I’m not a huge fan of just changing things around for the sake of changing things around, unless there is a very clear improvement found in doing so. For me, the loss of descriptors and keyboard accessibility would be clear reductions, rather than improvements.

As an aside, if you find yourself changing these a lot as some kind of “type” declaration, such as, “I am making a note-to-self”, consider using Document Templates, which would have these already applied, and any other metadata characteristics you would care to see (such as having Include in compile switched off).