Changing Icons...

I know this is here somewhere, but when I put that into a search it came up with 269 posts. I was intimidated.

So here’s what I’m trying to do, I’m sure there is an easy way and I’m just making it too hard, so your forbearance with my ignorance is appreciated. I’ve made a page that I want to have as my character sheet and assigned the Character photo icon to it, all good so far, BUT how do I make the picture I’ve chosen of my character (which I have within my project) appear as the icon?




Do you want the little tiny icon to be your character, or the whole index card, on the corkboard? The former is going to be awfully small, the way you see it in the binder—that’s as big as that icon ever gets. On the corkboard though, you can choose to represent a text file with an image instead of a text synopsis, which is great for characters. Just open the inspector and in the top where the index card is, you’ll see a little icon of a card, click there and choose the icon of a photograph instead. You’ll get a black drop-zone; just drag and drop your character image into this spot.

Now when you view the character sheet on a corkboard, you’ll get this image in a “Polaroid” instead of a card.

But, if you do want a file icon, it would be easiest to direct you to pg. 96 of the manual, §12.5.1, which explains the whole process and has some handy tips for making them look better.

Ioa, thank you for the bump in the right direction. I can get it to work with putzing around with it a bit now, but not as simply as drag and drop.

No, I don’t need it to be that way in the icon in the binder, that is tiny, just on the corkboard.

Thank you so much for your help.