Changing Linked Dropbox Account

Is it possible to change the dropbox destination of projects? I mean to a completely different Dropbox account. Whatever I try, I cannot unlink my iPad or phone from a dropbox account I no longer use.
Many thanks,

Hello Roger, and welcome to the forum.

My first recommendation is to sign out of the old Dropbox account from the on both your iPad and iPhone. Then, you’ll sign into the correct Dropbox account on both devices.

Once that’s done, we can work on unlinking the Scrivener app from Dropbox and re-linking it.

Before we start tinkering with each app’s settings, I recommend that you create manual backups of your projects, as per this Knowledge Base article.

That way, we’re protecting your projects from any data loss while we try to get the Dropbox account changed.

After you’ve created those backups, please open the Scrivener app on one device and tap “Edit” on its main project screen. (I’ll reference the iPad, but you can start with the phone if you prefer.) Then, please tap on the gear icon, which should have appeared along the bottom edge of the Scrivener interface.

Please tap on the “Unlink Dropbox” option. This will prompt Scrivener to ask you if you want to store your projects locally or keep them in Dropbox. I recommend selecting “Keep Local Copies.”

Next, please tap “Edit” again and then please tap the gear icon at the bottom of the screen again. Then please tap “Link Dropbox.” This should prompt your iPad to open the, and you’ll see a panel saying “Scrivener would like to access the files and folders in your Dropbox.” Please tap “Allow.”

Your iPad will switch back to the Scrivener app, which will show a window indicating that Dropbox projects are stored in “Apps/Scrivener.” Please tap “Done” on the top right corner of that panel.

When that is done, you can tap “Edit” on the main screen again. This time, you’ll use the hamburger icon, which is the one to the right of each project’s name, to move these projects from the “On My iPad” area and into the “Dropbox” area. You’ll need to tap-and-drag each project individually.

When that’s done, you can tap the syncing icon to sync those projects with Dropbox. I’d recommend swiping the app off the iPad’s multitasking screen before opening the app on your iPhone.

On the iPhone, you’ll re-link its Scrivener app to your Dropbox account. Doing so and then tapping the syncing icon should have it download the projects from your iPad.

I’d recommend checking that the projects in Dropbox are all updated before deleting the locally saved copies from the iPhone’s screen.